George Baker -- Small Sculpture

Like the large-scale works, the smaller sculptures consist of wind sculptures, motorized pedestal pieces, wall sculptures, and also include small sculptures which are put into motion by hand.
The motion of all of Baker's sculptures is slow, apparently random, and relaxing. Axes mounted upon axes, and multiple axes at different angles are devices used to create complex and intricate motions.

The following are some examples of the hundreds of sculptures created in the last thirty years . . .

Standing Ring

The Southern Corporation, Atlanta, Georgia, 1996

This motorized work stands 36 inches high (91 cm), and consists of a rotating ring with two other moving shapes. It is made of bronze and stainless steel.

A single motor in the base and a solid state timer cause the large ring shape to turn for a few moments in one direction, then stop, and turn in the reverse direction. The other two shapes move independently, using a system of opposed rare-earth magnets mounted on the ring to drive them.

As with all of the motorized works, the motor is totally silent and unobtrusive. It draws a minimal amount of electrical power -- less than 15 watts. (The average light bulb is 60 watts.)

Double Pivot with Red

Collection Mr. Irwin Jacobs, La Jolla, California, 1985

A wall relief of stainless steel with red enamel, this was commissioned for an exterior wall.

Two motors operate independently on three shapes each. The sculpture is 7 feet (2.3m) wide and 5 feet (1.6 m) high.

Water Forms

Collection Cathy and Scott Watt, Los Angeles, 1988

A small stainless steel fountain commissioned for an existing interior atrium pool.

Two moving shapes moved by water flow.

Three Axis Orbital


Stainless steel on a teak pedestal. Typical of many of the pedestal sculptures, this has a single motor mounted in the base. The motor comes on for a short period of time, enough to put the shapes into motion. When the motor goes off, the sculpture continues to move for a number of minutes with no further input.

The shapes may also be moved by hand.

Gyro Discus IVA

Collection Henri Lazarof, Bel Air, California, 1972

A small hand-operated sculpture consisting of two groups of spinning discs, made of bronze and aluminum. The disks spin, the two groups also turn independently, and also the entire sculpture turns on its base.

Axes Interacting -- Bronze II

An edition of forty sculptures commissioned for sale by
the Los Angeles County Museum, Art Museum Council, 1989

These small hand-operated sculptures were made available to the supporters of the County Museum as a fund-raising effort. There were actually two editions that were slightly different. This is the second version, bronze, 31" (79 cm) high.

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