George Baker - Sculptor
l-r: 1963 w welded bronze; 1972 w fountain; 1992 w maquette for wind sc
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Welcome to the authorized site devoted to the art and life of George Baker (1931-1997).
He is known principly for a remarkable series of some of  the largest kinetic monumental sculptures in the world, including enormous fountains, wind sculptures, and motorized works in the United States, Europe, and Japan; as well as innumerable smaller kinetic pieces of diverse configurations. As you will find from exploring this site, however, his earlier non-kinetic sculptures were at least as as diverse, imaginative, and masterful as the later work, and were the source of his early international recognition.
Deutsche Oper Berlin - motorized sculpture 1978

A prolific master of modern sculpture, Mr. Baker lived most of his life and taught in the Los Angeles area, spending more than thirty years as professor of sculpture at Occidental College. His work is in numerous public spaces and collections around the world, as well as being represented in museums such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, The Museum of the 20th Century, Vienna, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego.

This site is maintained by his Estate in order to inform the general art community about this important and fascinating sculptor and his diverse works; to provide an authoritative source of conservation and maintenance services and information; to help keep track of his extant works and ensure preservation; and to provide scholarly research resources.

At present the works represented in the galleries are only a very small sample, mostly of the later kinetic style and a number of the important monumental works. It is intended that this site will grow to contain a complete catalog of the artist's work, exhibit video of sculptures in motion, and be a digital gateway to every item in the artist's archive, including every photo, show catalog, drawing, maquette, video, etc. The establishment of this digital archive is all volunteer work and time consuming considering the size of the archive. If you are interest in contributing in some way, such as assisting in cleaning up scanned images, video editing, etc., please do get in touch. In the meantime, enjoy the site.

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Early Period
Early Work
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Middle Period
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early kinetic work
Early Kinetic
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small fountains
Small Fountains

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Wind Sculptures and Motorized Pedestals
Wind Sculptures & Motorized Pedestals

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Artist's vita and collections list

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